Glamis Castle, Angus, UK, 22 May 2011.

Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, UK, 9 June 2011.  

Meadows Park, Edinburgh, UK, 3 June 2011.  

University of Oxford, UK, 23 April 2011.  

The Scores, St Andrews, UK, 10 July 2011.  

Graveyard, Edinburgh, UK, 13 July 2011.  

Small Woods, Edinburgh, UK, 10 June 2011.  

La Tour Eiffel, Paris, France, 20 July 2011.  

The Storr, Isle of Skye, UK, 12 July 2012.  

Marriott Hotel, London, UK, 8 November 2012.  

Windmills, Kinderdijk, Netherlands, 1 May 2014.  

Mirage Statement

I was born in 1979 in the second year of the Chinese economic reform. I grew up in a small, under-developed and oppressive town near Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province in northwest China. My boyhood years were during the early stages of China's rapid economic development.

These years of my life were consumed by puzzlement. No internet, no television, the only way to obtain news was through the official newspapers and China National Radio. The textbooks were not only to learn basic knowledge but also to indoctrinate us about our Communist country.

In China, almost every pupil in primary school must be a member of the Young Pioneers of China. We were expected to accept a lofty communist education – "Always be prepared, to struggle for the cause of Communism!" Our pledge is: I am a member of the Young Pioneers of China. Under the Flag of the Young Pioneers I promise that: I will love the Communist Party of China, the motherland, and the people; I will study well and exercise well, and to prepare for my contributing effort to the cause of communism. At that time, we have to always remind ourselves: We are the heirs of communism. We should wear the red scarf everyday with pride.

After three decades of Chinese economic reform, our country is becoming richer and richer, and more and more people would like to go abroad and travel to every corner of the world. Since I started traveling in western countries I have never felt such pale and weakness in the depth of my heart, and my body and movements are so clumsy when I face these strange mountains and waters, architecture and civilizations. I have a strong desire to ask myself where do I come from and what kind of human being should I be?

The series "Mirage" is about re-exploring my incomplete and simple boyhood from the perspective of living in the West, with the aim of creating a brand new experience located somewhere between reality and fantasy. Recollecting the passing away of my boyhood and making up for all of my fantasies from that period of time.

C-type Print, 24X24 inches, Edition of 6 for each image.